May 2021

Sweetener-Xylitol Production from Biomass
Date: 08 May 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00 pm India , ~60 Min
Speaker: Dr. Meena Krishania Choudhary
Language: English

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Description: Rice straw is one of the most common biomass sources, more than 580 million tons available worldwide every year. Presently, there is very limited use of rice straw (RS). First, most of the rice straw available after harvest is either left on the ground or burnt. The present talk is on the production of Xylitol, which is a sweetener and has wide applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries, from rice straw. The parameters were optimized for involved process, the pretreatment of rice straw via dilute acid-catalyzed steam pretreatment method. The impact of feedstock size, presoaking time at room temperature, acid concentration, and steam treatment’s duration on the efficacy of RS pretreatment were studied till scale-up. Fermentation of the pretreated RS hydrolysate (pre-hydrolysate) and semi-defined medium (control) for xylitol production in a 14 L fermentor also investigated. This study produces a sweetener-xylitol from rice straw, which have the potential for scalable to an industrial level, and simultaneously minimize the pollution problem caused by rice straw.
Speaker: Dr. Meena Krishania is currently a Faculty of Center and Applied Bioprocessing Center, Mohali, Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. In 2007, she obtained her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Biotechnology Engineering from Rajasthan University. In 2009, she received her M.Tech in Chemical Engineering at MNIT, Jaipur. In 2013, she completed her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. After completing her PhD, Dr. Meena accepted a faculty position at the University of Amity, Haryana, where she taught students of B.Tech and In 2014, she began working in CIAB, Mohali, where she has been since then. Dr. Meena has broadened her vision and continues her work on the valorization of biomass. Her work contributes to an appreciation of industrial constraints by continuously developing technology and offering better solutions. She filed 6 patents, wherein one is granted and one technology transferred to the industry. She has more than 20 publications in reputable national and international journals, one book, and 3 chapters. She also delivered many presentations at national and international conferences in India, Thailand, Malaysia, London etc.