Graphene Technology & Applications : A Review
Speaker: Dr. Titash Mondal
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Language: English
Time Length: ~100 Min
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Description: Graphene, the newest member of the carbon allotrope family is commonly known as the mother of all carbon nanomaterials. Graphene has been an excellent model material for examining the issues of materials chemistry and physics ever since its breakthrough discovery by Geim and Novoselov. It has attracted significant attention due to its atomically thin dimension and distinctive electronic, optical, and mechanical properties. In the recent past, there has been a growing interest to use graphene as a potential filler in polymer science and technology. In this lecture, the basics of graphene chemistry and how to effectively disperse graphene in a polymer matrix will be discussed. Further, different characterization tools commonly used to quantify graphene dispersion in the polymer matrix will also be addressed. Lastly, a reverse strategy to effectively synthesize graphene or its derivatives from polymeric sources will also be discussed.
Speaker: Dr. Titash Mondal is currently working as an Assistant Professor- Grade I at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Dr. Mondal obtained his BSc and MSc in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta, M-Tech in Rubber Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and PhD in Chemistry with specialization in carbon nanomaterials and polymer materials. His PhD work was carried out as a joint Ph.D. program between the Indian Institute of Technology and the University of Houston, United States of America. Dr. Mondal has authored 17 peer reviewed publications in international journals, 7 book chapters, and a 3 USA and 1 Indian patent. Before joining academia, Dr. Mondal has worked for Momentive Performance Materials (Formerly GE Silicone), a world leader in the silicone-based products market, as a Research Scientist in the Corporate R&D for close to 4 years. His domain expertise in the industry was in the field of application of specialty polymer and their composition for application in autonomous vehicle, electric vehicle. For the last ten years, Dr. Mondal has been working on graphene and different graphene/graphite derivatives for specialty applications. His expertise and research interest relates to polymeric/rubbery electronic materials, printed electronic material, smart adhesives and high-performance composite materials. Dr. Mondal is in the reviewer panel of the American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Elsevier. Dr. Mondal is currently acting as an Editor for an upcoming book on “Graphene-Elastomer Composite: Fundamental to Applications.” Dr. Mondal won several awards in different conferences and symposia. Some of the notable awards include “Global Innovator of the Year 2017-Momentive Performance Materials”.